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Rainbow Stargate 33 is an amazing spiritual journey that was repeatedly validated, as every prediction about it came true. Miracles happened before our eyes, stretching our beliefs and expanding our hearts. Unexplainable signs and wonders reminded us to be aware of the great mysteries around us that are always available to all. But this phenomenal story is also balanced and grounded as it offers practical life tools and useful road maps to support everyone in this Circle of life. Detailed instructions empower us to consciously build foundations within our physical bodies to support our ascension to live permanently in life’s happiest, high vibrational peaks.
Rainbow Stargate 33 has operated quietly behind the scenes for over 20 years and involved hundreds of people from all walks of life. Now it is time to reveal the project and share what we learned so these inspirations, high vibrational energies, and empowering how-to guides are accessible to everyone.